How Bail Works in Nevada

Either you or somebody you know has wound up in jail here in Nevada. This person is referred to as the Defendant. Defendants don’t usually want to remain in jail until their court date. The don’t have to. The Constitution of the United States allows defendants to bail out of jail.

Cash Bail

Cash bail means that you would go to the Jail and pay the full amount of bail in Cash to get the Defendant out of Jail.

Surety Bail

Surety bail means that you would make arrangements with a Bail Bonds Agency to get the Defendant out of Jail. Usually, a Bail Bonds Agency will charge 15% of the full Bail amount, plus a $40 posting fee (per Bail Bond) to get the Defendant out of Jail.


If the full Bail amount is $3,000, a Bail Bondsman will charge $450 for the Bail Bond, plus the $40 posting fee charged by the jail. So, on a bail bond in the amount of $3,000 it would cost a total of $490 to get the Defendant out of jail through a bail bondsman or $3,000 if you go through the jail. The money involved is the same at all Nevada Bond Agencies by State Law NRS (Nevada Revised Statute) 697.300. The big difference is how as a Client you are treated. You are not simply an opportunity at Aztec Bail Bonds of Las Vegas. You are a Client in a very stressful situation, needing someone who will act promptly and with courtesy on your behalf of you. At Aztec Bail Bonds, we are committed to you, our Client.


Aztec Bail Bonds writes bail bonds and can refer you to an attorney. The seriousness of the charges and the defendant’s prior record are issues that make seeing an attorney an important step.

Know and protect your legal rights. Our staff includes licensed agents who have training and experience to assist you with bail bonds services.

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